October 14-18,2018 Materials Science & Technology, hosted by ASM International, American Institute of Iron and Steel (AIST), Mineral Metal Materials Association (TMS), etc., held in Columbus, Ohio, USA .Professor Wang Wan-lin and Dr Zhan...
On may 31th, the symposium of improving cooperation within Outotec and school of metallurgy and environment was successfully held in the college room 201. Outotec’s CTO kari knuutila, China region president Jogn Hebenton, the Dean of sch...
reporter:Dr Chu Yong Cheng
Location:Room 301, Metallurgy Hall
reporter:Professor Dazang Longyan
Location:Room 207, Metallurgy Hall
reporter:Professor Yongchang Jiukuan
Location:Room 301, Metallurgy Hall
Time:Friday, October 19, 2018, 10 am